PT. Top Sentinel Lintas Nusantara

PT. Top Sentinel Lintas Nusantara

Member Since, May 15, 2024
Kota Cimahi (Jawa Barat)

About Company

Top Sentinel Lintas Nusantara (Top Sentinel) is more than distribution  company for selected-categories of consumer products. 

We provide best business plan scenarios, supported with insight-full data and information in order to grow together. Over time, potential brands have entrusted us to grow, not only their products, but also grow in long-term partnership. 
Our Vision
Trusted business partner in distribution.
Our Mission
To give better ways & opportunities to potential partners with good brands (good standard & good quality products) to serve indonesian consumers.
Our Commitment
Better Planning, Better Execution with Better Service Experiences for partners and customers.
We’re planning to open several Distribution Centres across Indonesia that have strategic and business impact to our selected-categories.

In 2021, we have 2 distribution centres : Bandung and Malang.. Within 2 Distribution Centre in 2021, we are managing more than 12.000 active-customers. We have identified more than 280.000 potential-customers in Indonesia that we’re going meet over time with our next Distribution Centre plan.

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