PT. Texmura Nusantara

PT. Texmura Nusantara

Member Since, May 15, 2024
Jakarta Pusat (DKI Jakarta)

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PT Texmura was founded in 1986 in Bandung, Indonesia, with a mission in developing waterproofing paint for housing. As the time passes by, our products and services have been developed into contractor service for a variety of sport facilities as well as decorative flooring for commercial and residential projects. In PT Texmura, we believe every client deserves high quality, safety, and aesthetics in the sphere of any sport court constructions and decorative concrete installments. Our goal is to bring out the best in providing quality products and services consistently which are capable in fulfilling various needs of our clients and end-users in diverse sectors, for instance, in commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructural projects.

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