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PT Global Dispomedika

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PT. Bersaudara was established in 1962 by two brothers, Mr. Husni Ahmad & Mr. Nur Fuad Ahmad, with a broad overview that Indonesian people had minimal access in health services and was very hard to get high quality products from overseas. The two brothers as the founding father, decided to become a supplier and started to build a relationship and access to overseas factories. In 1982 to 2000 was the peak of their success becoming the number one distribution company in medical devices and equipment which represented for more than 90 factories, And in the 90’s, their business turnover reached 400 billion per year.

As time changing, in 2000 on a board meeting the share holder, have an idea to started a division which will make PT. Bersaudara more sustainable. Firstly they built a cooperation/partnership with Troge, Peters Surgical, and Stericlin, company from Germany and France.

Surely they faced a lot of obstacles and challenges, consumable products is not like durable products, they had a lot of retails, customers and geographically cover wide areas. Normally PT. Bersaudara’s business deal with projects and big tenders. They continuously convincing the other share holder that, in the future, this business would be successful if they built products awareness to the users as well as the importance of the product quality and they also saw this was the opportunity to make PT. Bersaudara Group becoming a sustainable company.

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